Connecting The Dots…A Journey Through The Old Testament

Join us on the journey!

In January of 2014, we began a church-wide 18-month journey through the Old Testament. The journey consist of daily devotions for 5 days of the week either with parents leading the devotions with their children, or with couples sharing this time together, or as a single person studying God’s Word daily. Then on Sunday, the sermon reviews what was studied during that week. Sermons are at 9:30 am and 11:00 am. You can also listen to Sermons Online if you are not able to attend each week.

We are using two books for the devotions and these are available free of charge at the Welcome Center in the Worship Center lobby. The adults and students (7th grade and up) will be using Connecting The Dots: A Journey Through The Old Testament.  These daily devotions were written by Pastor Dennis and Pastor Chris and follow along with the Long Story Short book. Families with children are using Long Story Short by Marty Machowski.

Spiral bound copies of “Connecting The Dots” are available through the church office or at the Welcome Center. Digital copies are available by clicking on the volumes below. Long Story Short books are available at the Welcome Center free of charge or can be purchased by clicking the Long Story Short link above.

You can jump in any time and join us. Get your copy today and go back and get caught up on all the reading, perhaps listen to the sermons, or just start from this week’s lesson and go forward with us. Either way, you will enjoy your journey through the Old Testament. This portion of the journey will conclude at the end of June 2015. In September 2015, we will then proceed with 18-months of the New Testament in a study called, “Old Story New”. (Read more about this at the bottom of this page.)

Don’t delay! Get your copy and begin your journey today!!

(Download digital copies of “Connecting The Dots” here for FREE as they become available – PDF format)

Volume 1 Connecting The Dots
   Volume 1
January-March 2014
Weeks 1-13

..Volume 1 Bookmark


Volume 2 Connecting The Dots
   Volume 2
April-June 2014
Weeks 14-26

..Volume 2 Bookmark


Volume 3  Volume 3
..July-September 2014
..Weeks 27-39

..Volume 3 Bookmark


Volume 4 Connecting The Dots
   Volume 4
October-December 2014
Weeks 40-52

Volume 4 Bookmark


Volume 5 Connecting The Dots
   Volume 5
January-March 2015
Weeks 53-65

Volume 5 Bookmark


Volume 6 Connecting The Dots
   Volume 6
April-June 2015
Weeks 66-78

Volume 6 Bookmark


IMG_6892  Esther Devotions
..(July 13-17, 2015)




IMG_6892   Job Devotions (Fayetteville Campus)
..(July 20-24, 2015)

IMG_6892 Job Devotions (Hollonville Campus)
..(July 20-24, 2015)



IMG_6892 Daniel Devotions
..(July 27-Aug 1, 2015)



IMG_6892 Daniel Devotions – (Fayetteville Campus)
..(Aug 3-7, 2015)




IMG_6892 Daniel Devotions – (Hollonville Campus)
..(Aug 3-7, 2015)




IMG_6892 Daniel Devotions – (Both Campuses)
..(Aug 10-14, 2015)




IMG_6892 Daniel Devotions – (Both Campuses)
..(Aug 17-22, 2015)




IMG_6892 Daniel Devotions – (Both Campuses)
..(Aug 24-29, 2015)




IMG_6892 Beginning The Journey – Devotions – (Both Campuses)
..(Sept. 5-12, 2015)



..Other Resources
..and Timelines


We will take a break for the months of July and August and will start September 13, 2015 with the New Testament. We will use the book, Old Story New by Marty Markowski. Those will be available in August for families with children (6th grade and under) and once again, the adults and youth will use the “Connecting The Dots” daily devotional journals. The journals will be available in August too.

Dennis will use July and August sermon times to go back and cover some of the Old Testament accounts that we were not able to cover earlier as time did not permit. Some of the accounts will be Esther, Job, and Daniel.