Dennis’ Bookshelf

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The Noticer  by Andy Andrews





The Traveler’s Gift  by Andy Andrews





  .I Will!   by Thom S. Rainer




I Am A Church Member    I Am A Church Member   by Thom S. Rainer





The Case for Faith     The Case For Faith   by Lee Strobel





The Case For Christ  The Case For Christ  by Lee Strobel





Harbinger   The Harbinger  by Jonathan Cahn





Heaven Heaven   by Randy Alcorn





Correct Not Politically Correct

Correct, Not Politically Correct by Frank Turek






    Understanding the Times  by Ken Hamm








     Every Prophecy of the Bible: Clear Explanations for Uncertain Times  by John Walvoord






      Already Gone by Todd Hillard, Britt Beemer & Ken Hamm







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